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Formschaum - Polyurethan Pur Schaum Hart & Weich | Leichtform GmbH Cutting foam - PU-foam Hard & Soft | Leichtform GmbH Polyurethan Pur Veredelungstechniken Pu-foam - Forms and Tools
The product range of PU-foam includes the production of:

- PU-soft foam trims
- PU-hard foam integral par
- PU-edge sealing of furniture

  The product range of converted foam includes the production of: - sound absorbing material
- hoods
- stamping parts
- PU skin profiles
- ...
  Leichtform is concentrated on the following services:
- Spare part production /
   technical service
- Production launch and
   expiration Relocation
- Production of small series and
- ...
  Based on your Product idea,
we advise you for the material and process-oriented design based on our 30 years of experience in PU processing.
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