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Reticulation Machine

MolanJigs and fixtures to realize the process

A cubic steel box loaded with foamed Plastics will
be closed hydro-mechanically, to be shock and
pressure resistant. It will then be evacuated
by approx. 10 mbar by means of a vacuum pump.

The reaction mixture, consisting of oxidizing, flammable and phlegmatizing components, will be formulated in a high precision batcher and afterwards homogenized in the connected parallel piped dispersion mixer. It is then fed through an electropneumatic locking device into the reticulating receiver up
to a variable Pf 1000 mbar.

As soon as the chosen pressure (Pv) is reached, the initiation of the
reticulation operation will take place by a 5kV impuls ingnition, started
by a Pex of app. 10 bar with a temporary pressure dp/dt max of 10-50 MS

Occuring water vapour with carbon deposits will be evacuated through
the vacuum aggregate and blown out through a condenser with filter.

Once the pressure in the Receiver has adjusted to atmosphere, the
loading-flap will automatically open and the reticulated foam will be ejected.




Technical Equipment:

The reticualtion set-up congsts mainly of 10 Groups: the control distributor,
the receiver with feeder and discharging machanism, the vacuum set, the storage and distribution system for reaction components, the dosing and
mixing apparatus, the flametrap and the safety system, the redundant 3-circle safety system, the measuring and controlling instruments with digital operation programm and igniter.

In case any necessary operating or safety part of the equipement is malfunctioning, the automatic Zero position will be switched on by a
safety-control. All functions are combined to guarantee a troublefree